Are constant system problems causing employee down time? ...Consting you money and creating technology headaches? ...Consting you money and creating technology headaches?

Network Security & Remote Access

Security is important, and we can tell you one thing, you are NOT getting it from that little, office store bought box. Is their security better than nothing at all? You bet it is, but you have clients, you have databases, and you have sensitive information. You can trust that little retail box to protect Grandma's tax returns, but will you trust it with your clients information? TH2 Technologies is highly experienced in securing networks using cutting edge technology from SonnicWall and maximizing the devices configuration to get you the best security at maximum throughput. These devices also allow you to remotely access your network from where ever you are, bringing your files to you right when you need them. Obviously, these remote connections are all encrypted to protect your sensitive data.

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