Are constant system problems causing employee down time? ...Consting you money and creating technology headaches? ...Consting you money and creating technology headaches?

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If you are a business with 5 or more computers experiencing TECHNOLOGY HEADACHES - like technicians who are unresponsive and never seem to fix things right the first time - then it's time to give us a try. We offer a 100% fix-it-right guarantee and also guarantee we'll respond to you within 60 minutes or less. In most cases, we'll be on site or offer remote help within 2 hours.

Make Your Mobile Devices HIPAA Compliant for as little as $6 per device


Technology Headache Reliver: TH2 Technologies. Directions: Take 2 deep breaths; Then call 949.235.8742

The world of computers, networking, and Internet is a complicated one. This is especially true of computer infrastructures within a business of any size. This is because these days businesses rely on computers and solid networks to not only run their business but maintain as well. As businesses have come to rely so heavily on computers and network infrastructures there is obviously a need for managed IT services as well as IT network services. These types of services can keep a network and business healthy and can be the difference between a successful business and an unsuccessful one. Where a lot of businesses run into problems however are the costs sometimes associated with outsourced business IT support. Many computer services are extremely overpriced and as with all things you get what you pay for. While an overpriced service may deliver a decent network support service, under priced or extremely cheap IT support services may provide services that are far less than extraordinary. This is where TH2 Technologies comes in.


TH2 Technologies specializes in providing businesses of all sizes with the following services:

  • Data Recovery
  • IT Support
  • Computer Support
  • Computer Services
  • Computer Consulting
  • Network Support
  • Managed Services
  • IT Network
  • Managed IT
  • Outsourced Business IT Support
  • Managed IT Services
  • IT Network Support
  • Business IT Support
  • Secure IT Network

Where TH2 Technologies differs from other IT support services is that they're more affordable, more reliable, and more efficient than other services. The staff at TH2 Technologies works quickly and efficiently to eliminate the stress and concern about your businesses computer systems. Those who hire TH2 Technologies quickly realize that TH2 Technologies has become a vital partner in their business. The staff at TH2 Technologies also places the focus on their clients and their clients businesses first. What this means is that they always work as quickly as possible to resolve whatever IT network issues you may be having so that you and your business can stay focused on more important things.

Perhaps the greatest advantage to TH2 Technologies has over its competitors is its diverse network support services. TH2 Technologies can be hired for full-fledged network support as well as an computer consulting firm. Many smaller businesses who can not afford a full-time IT staff hire TH2 Technologies as their outsourced business IT support. Doing so saves them a lot of money and provides them IT support staff without having to employ an actual full-time staff.