Are constant system problems causing employee down time? ...Consting you money and creating technology headaches? ...Consting you money and creating technology headaches?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • "My machine won't start up/boot, can you still recover my data?"Yes, 90% of the time provided the hard drive has not failed. If it has failed than we have to use extreme measures to recover data.
  • "I have a virus(es) on my computer, can you remove it (them)?"Yes. Many times remotely.
  • "How can we reduce the chances of viruses and malware from entering our computer?"Using a firewall with UTM services that updates regularly & automatically with up to date virus software. Don't let your antivirus subscriptions expire.
  • "I'd like to be able to connect with my office network remotely & securely. Is this possible?"Yes. we have secure methods depending on your specific situation.
  • "Is an onsite visit from a tech required to fix my system?"Many cases no, we are able to save time and money by accessing your computer remotely.

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