Are constant system problems causing employee down time? ...Consting you money and creating technology headaches? ...Consting you money and creating technology headaches?

Orange County Cable, DSL, T1, VOIP

Have you ever had to contact your ISP for help? Was it a good experience? Never again, because TH2 Technologies is on your side. We speak the same language as ISPs and their support personnel making us the best asset you can have for restoring services as quickly as possible.

TH2 Technologies works directly with your ISP. We call them, explain the problem, troubleshoot with them, and if need be, assist their technicians.

Common problems that ISP's refuse to address

  • Not getting the bandwidth you pay for
  • Packet loss causing an intermittent connection
  • Adding new devices to your network
  • Modem Upgrades
  • Port Blocking
  • Bandwidth Throttling

We leverage several tools to give the ISP real life data, show them the problems and demand that they fix them. Don't let them talk in circles anymore, and start getting what you are paying for.

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